Tuesday 13 June 2023

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hints At How He Thinks Hit TV Show Could End

 Yellowstone” star Wes Bentley said he has not seen any scripts for the end of the hit television series, and he thinks his character Jamie Dutton will “go out like a cannonball.”

The 44-year-old actor, who plays the adopted son of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), said he would “celebrate it being over” at the end of Season 5, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re at a point where I think everything is possible with the Duttons,” Bentley said. “It’s so hot and combustible right now that it could blow them all up together. I think the potential for that is real. But I also know that I am always surprised by Taylor [Sheridan] and the turns and directions.”

“I’m kind of waiting for whatever extra thing he is thinking about that I’m not thinking about,” he added. “But with the tension and danger right now, it potentially could be either they are all gone, or one of them survives.”

The character Jamie could “go out like a cannonball maybe. Just blow it all up. There was a switch in him. So with that forward momentum, it seems hard to avoid that he’s on the attack.”

Bentley reiterated that he has not seen the final scripts and said he doesn’t “have a clue where it’s going.”


“Does he go down with John? Does John go down because of Jamie?” Bentley asked. “Does Jamie have a hand in it at all, or does it turn out Jamie tries to protect him? It’s hard to read Jamie. Is he playing everybody right now? He’s realizing now that he has this power and potential for more power? I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not with him. There are so many potential ways he deals with John’s ending.”

“It will always be there as one of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished, or tried to accomplish, bringing out all the facets and nuances of this complicated character,” he added. “So I will miss it, but I will also celebrate it being over.”

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