Friday 21 July 2023

Arrest made in case of father beaten to death in front of his home when group showed up demanding his son, 14, fight another kid

 An arrest has been made in the case of a 43-year-old Maryland father who was beaten to death in front of his home in May when a group showed up demanding that the victim's son, 14, fight a kid with the group.

Trevor Taylor, 26, is charged with manslaughter, three counts of second-degree assault, affray, and disorderly conduct, Anne Arundel County police told WJZ-TV. "Affray" denotes a public fight that terrorizes others.

What is the background?

Charging documents show that Christopher Wright's son and Taylor's 14-year-old nephew fought May 19 at Brooklyn Park Middle School, the station said, and Taylor later showed up at Wright's home on Arundel Road West with his nephew, two other minors, and an adult.

Taylor wanted his nephew to fight Wright's son outside, WJZ said, and court records show that Taylor reportedly threatened to fight Wright if the two boys weren't allowed to go at it.

Tracy Karopchinsky — who was Wright's fiancĂ©e — told WBAL-TV just after the incident that Wright told the group his son wasn't coming out to fight, and then the group "threatened at one point to come in and get him, and then they said, 'If he's not going to fight, then you're going to fight.'" 

Witnesses noted that "it became clear to the Wright family that Trevor Taylor and his associates were not going to leave and were likely going to force their way into the house," WJZ said, citing charging documents.

With that, Wright punched Taylor as Taylor continued to threaten to assault him, WJZ added, noting that records say Taylor and the other adult advanced on Wright. Taylor then returned the punch as Wright moved away from the house, the station said. Taylor also grabbed Wright's legs, which caused Wright to fall and slam his head against the pavement, WJZ said, citing court records, adding that Taylor continued to assault Wright.

Police said Taylor punched Wright four more times in the head before fleeing the scene, WMAR-TV reported.

Charging documents added that a nearby security camera recorded the fight, WJZ also said.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death was blunt-force trauma when Wright's head struck the pavement, WJZ added.

Believing him to be a possible safety risk, a judge ordered Taylor to remain in jail without bail, WJZ also said.

Karopchinsky noted the following to WJZ:

"Although I am relieved that there has been progress in the investigation, we do not feel any relief in the grief that we have for the loss of Chris. We grieve now all of the things that Chris will not be a part of. First days, last days, football games, graduations, and weddings. This is still the beginning of a long journey. Nothing that happens from this day forward can bring back Chris, and nothing can change what happened. As we navigate how to live life without a father, a partner, and a friend, we are continuously grateful for the support from family, friends, and the community."

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