Thursday 13 July 2023

CNN Carries Wray’s Water, Suggests Republicans Imagined FBI Targeting School Board Parents

 A CNN panel did the heavy lifting on Monday, defending embattled FBI Director Christopher Wray as he attempted to fend off questions from the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee.

The panel — which was hosted by anchor Dana Bash and included political analyst Nia Malika Henderson and Axios’ Margaret Talev – suggested that some of the complaints leveled against the FBI were examples of an alternate universe only visible to Republicans.


“This is part of, essentially sort of two Americas,” Henderson began, responding to Committee Chairman Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) line of questioning about the FBI allegedly spying on Catholic Churches. “The Republican version of the FBI is that it is a weaponized agency – that they’re going after Catholics, that they’re going after parents who are complaining at school boards.”

“You see as a result of that, people who are campaigning for president saying they’re going to defund the FBI, that they are going to fire all the officers and sort of build it from the ground up,” she continued. “This is a result … of Donald Trump’s America, weaponizing the idea that the FBI is out to get average Americans, particularly going after Republicans and conservatives.”

“God forbid there would be a domestic terror event or something where the credibility of the FBI is important for all Americans,” Talev commented, arguing that the “real risk” was the possibility that, down the road, the FBI would be needed and in addition to the American people not trusting the institution, it would be difficult to get people to take the job in the first place.

Bash jumped in briefly, noting that oversight of the FBI was actually Congress’ job and that there were some legitimate questions to be asked – particularly since Wray himself had already admitted mistakes had been made with regard to the situation with the Catholic Church.

A short time later, CNN correspondent Josh Campbell also defended the FBI — suggesting that if the FBI had targeted parents or put informants into Catholic Churches, it was only to make sure they could prevent another Oklahoma City bombing, another 9/11, or worse.


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