Wednesday 19 July 2023

Comer Says Hunter Biden Whistleblower ‘Disgusted’ By Dems And Liberal Media

 House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said he believes one of the whistleblowers set to testify about the Hunter Biden investigation was emboldened to come forward by Democrats and the left-leaning media.

This Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent, who is being called “Whistleblower X,” will be identified at an oversight panel hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Comer said during an interview on “Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla.”

“I think the way they treated the first propelled the second to come forward,” Comer said. “I think they’re disgusted at how the Democrat Party and the liberal media has treated the first whistleblower. These are respected IRS agents who have always done the right thing and who operate by the book.”

The unnamed IRS agent joined supervisory special agent Gary Shapley in alleging that investigators leading the Hunter Biden case slow-walked the inquiry in a way that may have spared President Joe Biden’s adult son of more serious charges.

In speaking with the House Ways and Means Committee behind closed doors early last month, “Whistleblower X” self-identified as a Democrat who has “always strived not to let politics enter my frame of mind when working cases.”

All the Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee voted to keep the testimony secret but were overruled by the Republicans. Ranking member Richard Neal (D-MA) attributed the move to an objection to the “process” rather than the disclosure itself.

So far, the years-long investigation into the 53-year-old Hunter Biden has amounted to a plea deal for tax and gun violations that could keep him out of prison. A judge is set to hold a hearing on the agreement on July 26.

Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, has said “any suggestion the investigation was not thorough, or cut corners, or cut my client any slack, is preposterous and deeply irresponsible.”


Comer, who has faced blowback from Democrats after someone else he touted as a “whistleblower” — American-Israeli energy expert Gal Luft — got indicted on federal charges, argued his colleagues across the aisle have a double standard when it comes to whistleblowers.

The Democrat Party “always claims they protect federal employees” unless these officials are “blowing the whistle on one of them,” he said. Although he acknowledged some people who claim to be whistleblowers are “not credible or they’re just simply disgruntled employees,” Comer insisted that the IRS whistleblowers “have spotless records” and deserve to be heard.

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