Tuesday 4 July 2023

Former White House Spox Stephanie Grisham Launches Attack on Trump: No Respect For Classified Information (VIDEO)


Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham launched an attack on President Trump over the weekend and claimed the former president would show sensitive documents to diners on the Mar-a-Lago patio.

The MSNBC host asked Stephanie Grisham if Trump showed classified documents to people in private.

“The short answer is yes. I watched him show documents to people at Mar-a-Lago on the dining room patio. So he has no respect for classified information. Never did,” Stephanie Grisham said on MSNBC on Saturday.

MSNBC played a clip of Trump discussing a newspaper’s report about Iran.


The audio of Trump discussing the Iran battle was leaked to CNN in order to taint the jury pool.

Special Counsel Jack Smith did not include this audio of Trump speaking to staffers in Bedminster, New Jersey in his 37-count indictment.

Stephanie Grisham trashed Trump.

“You know, listening to that exchange every time, it just makes me so angry,” she said.

‘He talks specifically that he should have declassified it, but he didn’t. So there, I think, is proof. I believe also there’s a portion of that audio where he says, you know, this is off the record,” she added.

Grisham attacked Trump for his ‘off the record’ rules that reporters use.

“And he knows if it needs to be off the record that they can’t talk about it. So I think he was covering himself in that regard,” Grisham said.


Stephanie Grisham has made a living off of backstabbing the Trumps.

Recall, Grisham attacked First Lady Melania Trump in a book published after she left the White House.

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