Wednesday 5 July 2023

Hillary Clinton claims 'the hard-right' wants Supreme Court justices who roll back 'constitutional decisions'

 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that "the hard-right agenda" is to place justices on the Supreme Court who will roll back "constitutional decisions."

"The Supreme Court's recent rulings were sadly predictable for anyone who understands the hard-right agenda. Their goal has always been to install Justices whose job is to turn back the clock on our freedoms, on decades of constitutional decisions, and on our continuing struggle to 'form a more perfect union' that includes all of us. Let's vote out their political enablers and rein in the dark, subversive money that supports them in their quest to reverse a century of progress," Clinton tweeted

Clinton, the Democrat who lost the 2016 presidential contest to Republican Donald Trump, shared a screenshot of a January 2016 tweet in which she claimed, "A Republican president could stack the Supreme Court with justices who will rip away all of the progress we've made." 

Someone who responded to Clinton's claims tweeted, "The Supreme Court upheld the Constitution and the Rule of Law. These are things Hillary Clinton knows nothing about."

"Following the Constitution is not 'Hard Right,'" someone else wrote.

But others, like American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, expressed support for Clinton's comments. "You were right then," Weingarten wrote, adding, "and you are right now!!" 

As president, Trump nominated three of the nine justices who are currently serving on the high court.

Last week, Democrats were displeased that the court ruled against race-based college admissions criteria. Leftists also disapproved of the Supreme Court's ruling that Colorado may not require a designer to create wedding websites that would go against her religious beliefs. Liberals were also disappointed that the court slapped down the Biden administration's student loan debt cancellation plans

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