Monday 10 July 2023

Now This Is Sophistication! RFK Jr. Claims US Government Had A Bunker With An Entire City That Featured A McDonald’s

 A bit scary, a bit insane, but also pretty cool.

If things would have gotten to the point of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States government was going to be living grade A — well, about as much as you can in the middle of nukes blasting you.

Over the decades of tension, the closest the Soviet Union and U.S. ever came to going to war was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During that time, the Russians had nuclear weapons in Cuba, while here back at home, President John F. Kennedy and the United States were considering an invasion before ultimately deciding on a quarantine of the communist nation. From there, things fortunately de-escalated before we ever got to the tipping point of war. 

Robert Kennedy, the father of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was the Attorney General during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and because of that, both his wife and children were going to be relocated to a secret bunker … and it apparently had an entire city that featured a McDonald’s. So. Cool.

“We had U.S. Marshals come to our house to take us down…they were going to take us down to White Sulphur Springs in southern Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains where there was an underground city, essentially. A bunker, a city, apparently it had a McDonald’s in it. It was a full city for the U.S. government and their families,” said Kennedy Jr. to Lex Fridman during an interview.


What I wanna know — did this city have a whole skyline and everything? Or was it more of a nice-sized town?

I’m so curious that I actually contacted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team to find out more information about this bunker, I legit want to know what exactly this city looked like and what all was involved. (I’ll update this piece if anyone gets back to me). It was the early 60’s, so there’s no telling how exactly sophisticated this thing was, but the fact that it featured a McDonald’s … I’m thinking the sky’s the limit here

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