Tuesday 11 July 2023

Public Camping/Tent Ban Goes Into Effect in Portland, Oregon – But No One is Enforcing It


The city of Portland, Oregon has a new ban on tents and camping on public land that went into effect at the end of last week, but it’s not being enforced, according to reports.

This isn’t really surprising, given the size of the problem in Portland. If this was strictly enforced, the police would probably be doing nothing else all day.

Still, why would the city bother enacting a ban like this if they weren’t serious about enforcing it?

FOX News reports:


Homeless encampments remain in Portland, despite tent ban: ‘It’s bulls—‘

A new ban on daytime homeless camping legally took effect Friday in Portland, but one wouldn’t know it by walking around the City of Roses. Tents spilled over sidewalks and those who have made their homes on public property say the new policy isn’t likely to create meaningful change.

“It’s bulls—,” Michael, who has been homeless off and on since the ‘90s, told Fox News bluntly. “I’m tired of moving. They’re gonna have to make me move.”

The city council passed the ordinance with a 3-1 vote last month, changing city code to only allow people to camp in nonrestricted areas overnight, so long as they dismantle their camps each morning. From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., people are prohibited from blocking access to Portland businesses or sidewalks with tents. Camping is also banned in city parks or within 250 feet of a school, childcare center or city-operated homeless shelter.

The new rules took effect July 7, but neither the city nor police have begun enforcing them.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office said the city is planning for a “summer of education” and will make a formal announcement when enforcement begins.

The ban was announced by local media.

People just aren’t listening.

Why do law abiding taxpayers in Portland put up with this?

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