Saturday 8 July 2023

RIGGED: Members of the British media have already written articles blaming Russia for a dirty bomb attack in Ukraine that hasn’t even happened yet

 British media outlets have already written articles claiming that Russia is the culprit of an expected dirty bomb incident in Ukraine.

This is according to award-winning British journalist and Daily Mail correspondent Martin Jay, who expressed dismay upon learning that some of his colleagues have already written articles claiming that Russia is responsible for a dirty bomb attack that hasn't even happened yet.  

A dirty bomb is an explosive device that mixes a variety of different explosive materials with radioactive substances, like radioactive powder or pellets. When the explosives are set off, the blast carries the radioactive material into the surrounding area, causing even more devastation due to the poisoning of the immediate environment.

Jay wrote that some of his colleagues in journalism, whom he called "morally bankrupt cretins," will not miss the opportunity to immediately attribute an attack against the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to Russia.

"They have been preparing their readers for this, as long back as the Nova Kakhovka dam attack just weeks ago, where they wove into the call center journalism, copy warnings that there would soon be an attack on a nuclear power plant by the Russians," wrote Jay for the Strategic Culture Foundation.

"The state of British journalism is so bad now that most hacks just find writing total fiction about Russia and the Ukraine war so much preferable to actually doing anything which resembles journalism," he continued. "So, when the attack on a nuclear power plant comes and they don't miss a minute blaming Putin, they will be accomplices to the war, the human rights atrocities, the civilian deaths as the greater public has no intent or desire to hold such vagabonds to account for their dark work."

Zelensky spreads claim without evidence that Russia will turn Zaporizhzhia plant into dirty bomb

Jay's warning about the British press comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is now warning that the Zaporizhzhia plant could become a "dirty bomb," suggesting that Russia is planning something at the plant.

This is despite the fact that experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency are already at the Zaporizhzhia plant and have not found any evidence of any kind of explosives at the facility.

"The occupation troops are preparing dangerous provocations at the Zaporizhzhia [Nuclear Power Plant]," said Zelensky during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

This claim was immediately spread by Ukrainian and Western sources. The Armed Forces of Ukraine said on its official Telegram channel that its operational data suggested explosive devices had been planted on the roof of the power plant.

"If detonated, they would not damage the reactors, but would create an image of shelling from the Ukrainian side," wrote armed forces officials, suggesting without evidence that Russia is planning a false flag operation that will blame Ukraine for any incident at the nuclear plant.

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