Friday 7 July 2023

RIOTS in France: Diversity strikes again!

 While the George Floyd riots may be over in America, they seem to have just started in France.

“It almost seems like France is experiencing their own ‘Summer of Love’ that infamously happened after George Floyd’s death on video went viral,” Lauren Chen comments. 

French police are under the activists' microscope now after Nahel M, a 17-year-old boy of Algerian and Moroccan descent, was shot and killed last week by a police officer. The boy was attempting to flee a traffic stop in a Paris suburb.

In the video of the shooting, police officers are seen pulling Nahel over before he attempts to drive away. One officer is pointing a gun at Nahel and fires as the boy begins to flee.

That officer has been detained on homicide charges as an investigation is conducted.

Riots and protests have since erupted across French cities, with hundreds of cars and buildings being destroyed and looted — and some law enforcement officials are even calling it a civil war. 

Chen is not convinced that the protesters are in the right.

“What exactly does protesting against alleged police brutality have to do with looting? Well, that’s a question that some of us have been asking since America’s own BLM protest — but I guess the mystery continues to evade us.” 

Chen believes the real reason behind the situation in France goes much deeper than the shooting of Nahel.

“If you ask me,” Chen begins, “what we are currently seeing in France is the result of cultural unrest that has been breeding for years and years, that is the result of an open-borders policy.”


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