Tuesday 18 July 2023

Soros-funded DA facing recall effort over radical criminal justice policies says her role 'has really no impact on crime,' compares critics to 'election deniers'

 California's Alameda County district attorney, Pamela Price, who is currently battling a recall effort over her failing radical criminal justice policies, responded to critics by stating that her role "has really no impact on crime."

A political committee, Save Alameda for Everyone, formed last week with the goal of removing Price due to her soft-on-crime policies that have prompted several of the county's prosecutors to resign during her short seven months in office. 

Since last year, Oakland has seen a 14% increase in robberies.

Price, who campaigned on "restorative justice" policies, told KPIX-TV this week, "Anytime that we can divert someone from the criminal justice system, that is a goal because the criminal justice system has been shown to be racially biased."

When asked whether her policies favor perpetrators over victims, Price replied, "What studies have shown and is proven in Alameda County, many times people who are perpetrators, or labeled as perpetrators, were actually victims." 

Less than halfway into KPIX's interview, Price's public relations officer interrupted to push the reporter to ask the DA about her administration's accomplishments. Price touted that her team had improved the office's outdated technology and reporting methods.

"We're beginning to create a baseline for the data that we have. Unfortunately, we got here, and the technology is pretty much outdated," she stated. 

KPIX reporter Betty Yu concluded the interview, which was cut short by Price's team, by stating, "I hope that moving forward, we will have more access to you."

"I doubt it, quite frankly," Price laughed.

Carl Chan, an outspoken advocate for Oakland's Chinatown community, blasted Price last month for her handling of a case involving two men accused of killing a toddler, Jasper Wu. Price removed a special circumstances charge, which prevented the men from facing the possibility of life without parole.

"By not sending a strong message, we are almost saying it's okay to commit crime because there's no serious consequences," Chan stated.

In an interview with KTVU on Sunday, Price addressed the case.

"For the folks who have lost loved ones in this community, both the family of Jasper Wu as well as the family of anyone who has lost a loved one. We take that very seriously, and I'm very compassionate for the victims. The amount of grief and pain that one experiences when you lose a loved one is not anything that I would wish on anybody," Price stated. "We have to follow the law. The legislature has been very clear around the use of enhancements in special circumstances and how a district attorney's office is expected to apply those."

Price called her critics "election deniers" for supporting the recall effort against her.

"These are election deniers," Price told KTVU. "We had an election. We won the election by an overwhelming majority. It wasn't a small, close election and so the people who lost, they lost, and when you lose an election, you shouldn't be able to overturn the will of the voters. That's what happened during the insurrection on Jan. 6."

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