Saturday 15 July 2023

Tim Scott To Tucker Carlson: ‘America’s National Vital Interest Is Degrading The Russian Military’

 Republican presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told Tucker Carlson on Friday that he believes that a critical national security interest for the United States is degrading the Russian military.

Scott appeared on stage with Carlson at The Family Leadership Summit in Iowa where he was asked questions about Ukraine, illegal immigration, and more.

Carlson asked Scott what he thought about President Joe Biden authorizing the U.S. military to mobilize up to 3,000 reservists to support Europe.

Scott said that he does not want U.S. soldiers “engulfed” in the war between Russia and Ukraine, which he also referred to as a “genocide.”

“America’s national vital interest is degrading the Russian military,” Scott said. “When we degrade the Russian military, we make sure that our home front is safer, and that our NATO allied partners that would cause us to send soldiers over is safe.”

“When we have the land contiguous with Ukraine safe, we keep our American soldiers at home, and our primary objective should only be to engage with America’s vital national interests,” he continued. “And unfortunately, President Biden has no ability to understand and appreciate what that looks like.”

During another moment while discussing the war in Ukraine, the two discussed what should be done to bring the war to an end.

Scott was also pressed by Carlson about illegal immigration and how he would go about deporting people who are illegally in the U.S.


When asked what he would do with the millions of illegal aliens in the United States, Scott responded, “It’s a very difficult task to deport them all at one time.”

“But here’s what we make sure they never do, is you never break the law and become an American citizen by breaking the laws,” Scott responded.

Carlson immediately fired back, “Well hold on, would you deport any of them? How many would you deport?”

“I think you have to start the process of identifying where they are,” Scott responded.

A few moments later, Carlson pushed back, noting that due to advancements in technology the U.S. federal government can easily locate most people.

“Why not just drop them off in Tijuana?” Carlson asked. “Bye, bye!”

Scott jokingly responded, “I’m going to appoint Tucker Carlson as my ‘bye bye’ ambassador to figure this out. So we’re gonna work together on this.”

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