Thursday 25 April 2024

Biden Rubs Americans’ Noses In The Fact That He’s Done Nothing On The Border Crisis

 President Joe Biden signed the $95 billion foreign aid bill on Wednesday — and then immediately took time out to remind Americans of one thing that did not make it into the final product: border security.

Biden complained about the bipartisan border security bill that was negotiated earlier in the year, saying that it should have been included in the foreign aid package. It was ultimately rejected by Republicans over concerns that it would simply provide amnesty for illegals already in the country while doing little to stem the flow across the southern border.

“There’s one thing this bill does not do: Border security. You know, just this year, I proposed and negotiated and agreed to the strongest border security bill this country has ever, ever, ever seen. It was bipartisan. It should have been included in this bill,” Biden said. “And I’m determined to get it done for the American people. I come back to that in another moment, another time.”

Biden spent the rest of the time touting the foreign aid package that sends billions to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, saying, “This package is literally an investment not only in Ukraine’s security but in our own security.”

Biden’s comments come as more and more Americans in multiple polls have said that illegal immigration and border security are among their top issues going into the 2024 presidential election — and just days after the Democrat-led Senate killed Republican efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The president has said on a number of occasions that he needs Congress to act to secure the border — but critics often point out the fact that he spent a fair amount of time and energy during his first few days in office undoing the border security measures that were implemented by former President Donald Trump.


Since Biden took office — and removed the Trump border policies — the United States has seen record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border almost every month.

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