Wednesday 17 April 2024

Denver to shell out an additional $3.2M in taxpayer dollars to “temporarily” house 200 illegals

 The City of Denver is set to approve a request for $3.2 million in additional funding to provide temporary housing for approximately 200 illegal immigrants seeking to establish long-term residences in the United States.

The funding, requested by the Denver City Council's Safety, Housing, Education and Homelessness Committee, would temporarily house 200 illegals – composed of single parents, pregnant women and several families with young children – in the Mullen Home on 3629 West 29th Avenue.

The Mullen Home is a long-term care facility run by the Catholic Charities and Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver Inc. (CCD), a non-profit run by the Catholic Church. The home was originally run by the Catholic women's religious organization, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and was meant to be a place to care for poor elderly individuals. It was repurposed in December 2022 to house newly arrived illegal immigrants.

According to the city documents, Denver, along with CCD, is set to approve the $3.2 million additional funding request and contract on April 17.

The proposed contract with the CCD spans from March 23 until Dec. 31 of this year and includes funding for providing temporary family housing, site operations and management, staffing, supplies, daily operations and provision of food for 200 people and babies experiencing homelessness, distributed across 90 units.

"This contract is for the operation of the site of the former Mullen Home. We are currently utilizing that facility as a source of bridge housing for families with children who need additional time to transition from shelter into sustainability," the city government said in a statement. "We recognize that everything is more difficult when it involves children, so we try to provide added support where we can." 

Furthermore, the official website of Denver reveals that the city has already expended over $63 million on supporting more than 40,000 "newcomers" as of April 1.

Denver cuts spending on vital city services to provide for illegals

In March, the Denver City Council amended its contract with Colorado Hospitality Services Inc. The city allocated an additional $450,000 for meals in migrant shelters across the city, bringing the total to $925,000.

The amendment, valid until March 31, was a response to the continued high occupancy in shelters and the escalating need to feed illegal immigrants. Originally, a request for $100,000 was made on Dec. 1, 2023, which later escalated to a plea to double the budget to $950,000, before settling at the current total.

According to the data from the office of Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston, these services amount to a staggering $42 million in costs to provide for nearly 40,000 illegal immigrants since the crisis began.

However, all these services provided to illegals are coming at the cost of vital city services.  

For instance, Johnston recently announced that he was cutting $5 million from the funding of Denver Motor Vehicle offices and the Denver Parks and Recreation to aid illegal immigrants.

Moreover, the city, which is now currently facing a nearly $60 million budget deficit, still needs to pay over $100 million in 2025 for the city to maintain current services provided for illegal immigrants.

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