Sunday 28 April 2024

Dozens of British Muslims Sentenced in Rape Gang Trial, Facing Combined Total of 346 Years in Prison


Dozens of predominantly Muslim men have been sentenced to a combined total of 346 years for sexually abusing girls in Yorkshire, England.

In a press release on Saturday, West Yorkshire Police confirmed that 25 men had been sentenced for various sexual related crimes:

Dozens of men who sexually abused young girls in Kirklees have been jailed for a combined 346 years following a major police investigation. Sentencing took place at Leeds Crown Court yesterday ( April 26 ) for the latest men convicted as part of Operation Tourway, a multi-year investigation into the non-recent sexual exploitation of young girls in North Kirklees.

Asif Ali (53) from Batley, Mohammed Tausif Hanif (39) from Dewsbury, Ali Shah (38) from Dewsbury, Moshin Nadat (38) from Heckmondwike, Sarfraz Miraf (38) from Dewsbury, Mohammed Nazam Nasser (38) from Batley and Amir Ali Hussain (45) from Batley were all sentenced for multiple offences.

An eighth man was also made subject of a hospital order following a finding of the facts at court.   Their conviction means 25 men have so far been sentenced for their roles in the rape, sexual abuse and trafficking of eight then young girls in North Kirklees between 1999 and 2012.

One of the men convicted received a sentence in excess of 30 years during the trials, most of which were protected by reporting restrictions to ensure those involved could be tried fairly.  Now, with the lifting of restrictions, 24 men brought to court so far can be named and full details of their sentences disclosed.

Operation Tourway is merely the latest case of predominantly Muslim men found guilty of heinous sex crimes against young girls, often on an endemic scale.

The most notorious of these cases was Rotherham grooming gangs scandal, where around 1,400 children were abused by gangs of British-Pakistani men, between 1997 and 2013.


Although some of the culprits were eventually convicted, many also evaded justice after police refused to act on reports of sexual abuse over fears they would be labelled as racist.

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