Tuesday 16 April 2024

Iran, Israel ‘Have Our Destiny Intertwined’: Iran’s Exiled Crown Prince Blasts Biden For Appeasing Iranian Regime

 After Iran attacked Israel on Saturday night, the exiled crown prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, accused the Biden administration of “appeasing” the despotic leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, adding that the people of Iran do not want war with the Jewish state.

Fox News’ Trey Gowdy asked Pahlavi about Iran’s claim after the attack that “the matter has been concluded.”

“These are signs of the regime becoming more weak and desperate; as a matter of fact, at the very same time that it launched its missiles and drones against Israel, it has cracked down yet again on Iranian women on the streets of Iran,” Pahlavi stated. “The intelligence part of the IRGC has warned people in Iran that the slightest demonstration of sentiment and sympathy to the Israelis will be harshly treated. They are extremely afraid of what the Iranian people think and as a result it’s only indicating that as we have always believed, the regime is trying to hang on to power by intimidation and repression at home and exercising through its proxies, or this time, directly by itself, its conflict abroad.”

“From Tehran to Tel Aviv, from Hamidan to Haifa, Iranians and Israelis know that this is not the Iranian people’s war, this is Ali Khamenei, the dictator of this brutal regime’s war,” he said. “As we speak, today there were demonstrations in Paris, London, Berlin. Iranians together with the Israelis and Jews hand-in-hand together, supporting each other, and demonstrating to the whole world that we as a nation and Israel as a nation have our destiny intertwined. We cannot hope for any chance for peace and stability in the region until this regime is finally gone. I think it’s important for the world to realize that the only obstacle to peace and stability and a better future lies on putting an end to the regime. It is time for the world to finally decide to endorse and back the Iranian people to topple this regime and put an end to all this madness.”

Gowdy pointed out Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had called for regime change in Israel but never done so for Iran.

Pahlavi took aim at the Biden administration, saying:

When you release money to a regime and give it more means to finance its proxies and use brutality at home, basically, appeasement has proven it only emboldens the regime. We said that a long time ago. As you indicated last year when I visited Israel, part of our discussions with Israeli leaders – and for that matter, other leaders around the world – has been precisely this: If you let the regime be emboldened by the fact that they can count on appeasement or paying ransom for the release of hostages or not imposing oil sanctions which gave the regime almost one extra hundred billion dollars, the fact that the current administration is trying to release even yet more money to the regime, about $10 billion of Iranian electric revenue from the Iraqis. What do you think is going to happen next?

“I think there’s a direct correlation between appeasement and doing this kind of thing and the regime becoming emboldened,” he posited. “The solution again is to use every opportunity to put more pressure on the regime. For instance, it is time the United States’ allies in Europe finally decide to put the IRGC  on the terrorist group list and that would mean more pressure on the regime.”

“But also parallel to that,” he continued. “It’s time to use maximum support to the Iranian people in their struggle against this regime. It is the Iranian people’s ask to have change. It does not have to be a U.S. senator saying who needs to change. If the Iranian people say loud and clear that we are done with this regime; help us liberate ourselves, that is the message that the Iranian people have to the entire world. And I hope the U.S. government and other governments will heed this call and finally help us save our world from disaster and more conflict and have an opportunity post this regime to have regional peace and brotherly cooperation. Not just Iran and Israel, but the Arab world too that has also been a target of this regime.”

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