Sunday 21 April 2024

PHOTO: New York Home Depot Hires Guards with German Shepherd to Deter ‘Aggressive’ Migrants and Thieves

 A Home Depot in New Rochelle, New York, is taking drastic measures to ensure shoppers are safe from “aggressive” migrants and thieves.

The store now has two guards wearing MSA security hats and bulletproof vests patrolling the parking lot, the New York Post said Sunday.

But that is not all. The guards had a German shepherd with them.

One of the guards the Post talked with said the company entered a contract recently. However, he noted that they do not allow the dog to bite anyone and also detailed some of the reasons why they were hired.

“It’s not just because of [migrants], but because of a myriad of other things too, like people breaking into cars, that kind of stuff,” the man explained.

Meanwhile, the Post said there were approximately 30 male migrants hanging out at the doors of a Home Depot in Throggs Neck, the Bronx, recently. Some among the group “aggressively confronted shoppers, trying to sell them phony Apple Airpods or soliciting tips for lifting items from shopping carts into cars — even when uninvited,” the outlet said.


Social media users shared their thoughts on the situation, one person writing, “Thanks Joe Biden. Amazing work.”

“So sad that America has come to this. Thank Joe Biden and his Regime,” another person commented.

One worker claimed a female supervisor saw a migrant “washing his privates with a water bottle in the lot, and that several women have called customer service to complain that migrants robbed them of purses or phones,” the Post article said.

During a recent appearance on Breitbart News Daily, New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino claimed an illegal immigrant speaking during a recent committee hearing said the city spends too much on police:

“They were just outright demanding on Thursday,” the councilwoman said, detailing the controversial meeting, which featured illegal immigrants complaining and making demands on New York City.

“When they really cut me off is when I said you are here illegally. You are here illegally. And they didn’t like that. And that’s when one of the chairwomen cut me off. And she said, ‘Councilmember, do you have a question? Councilmember, do you have a question?’ I said, ‘Yes, I asked it, and I do have more.’ It was about the vetting, which they lied, that she started to spew — one of the people who answered one of my questions on the panel there, but she started to spew cop-hating rhetoric. If we wouldn’t pay our police officers so much,” she said.

Meanwhile, a section of New York City has become an illegal migrant shopping area where they sell items obtained from shops nearby. To make matters worse, prostitution is also an issue, according to Breitbart News.

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