Monday 22 April 2024

Rep. Tim Burchett Says $6 Billion of the Foreign Aid Passed By House Will Enrich Pro-Hamas NGOs (Video)


Rep. Tim Burchett/ Image: Video screenshot

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed three bills to fund $95 billion in foreign aid, including an additional $60.84 billion to Ukraine.

The bill also included $26.3 billion in assistance to Israel.

According to Congressman Tim Burchett (R-TN), however, $6 billion of the aid earmarked for Israel will end up in the hands of pro-Hamas NGOs.

Burchett shared on social media, “One of the more troubling bills is the Israeli aid. But unfortunately, it had about $6 billion in there going to Hamas, we think, to these NGOs, non-government organizations.”

“So, it’s a rough day for the taxpayers… 96 billion dollars that we do not have, that we are borrowing.”



 NGO Monitor has also been closely tracking how these far-left NGOs supported the barbaric Hamas terror attack on Oct. 7.

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