Saturday 27 April 2024

Video Shows Anti-Israel Columbia Protester Stomping On American Flags Taken From YAF Display

 A video captured by the New Guard, the online publication of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), showed an anti-Israel demonstrator at Columbia University stomping on multiple American flags after the flags were taken from a YAF display set up on the New York college campus.

Anti-Israel protesters have occupied part of Columbia’s campus for over a week now, disrupting in-person learning and alarming Jewish students and faculty, as the university has backed down on threats to call in the NYPD to remove the student activists. The video captured by the New Guard and posted to social media on Friday begins by showing a conservative student confronting the masked protester as he was walking away with the small American flags in his hands.

“Do you mind getting out of my way, bud?” the anti-Israel demonstrator asked the conservative student.

“Do you mind giving us those flags back?” the student shot back.

“Do you wanna f*** off with that?” the protester added as he continued to walk toward the encampment set up by anti-Israel protesters on Columbia’s campus.

After reaching the student encampment, the protester threw the American flags on the ground near a tent and stomped on them.

“Way to show America what you think about the American flag,” the conservative student said as he continued to film. “That’s a bad look for you guys.”


It was unclear if the flag-stomping protester was a Columbia student or someone who had joined the leftist student demonstrators.


The anti-Israel student activists at Columbia are led by Khymani James, who stated on a live-stream earlier this year that “Zionists don’t deserve to live,” The Daily Wire reported. James also warned Zionists who may want to “meet up and fight” and that he “fights to kill.” The anti-Israel activist then released a statement claiming he “misspoke” when he repeatedly said Zionists deserve to die.

“I am frustrated that the words I said in an Instagram Live video have become a distraction from the movement for Palestinian liberation,” Khymani James said in a statement posted to X. “I misspoke in the heat of the movement, for which I apologize.”

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