Friday 26 April 2024

WWIII Watch: Ukraine Bombs Oil Field Inside Russia the Same Day Biden, Democrats and RINOs Signs Ukraine War Funding Bill


Ukrainian drone swarm strikes a major Russian oil depot in the Smolensk region of Russia on Friday.

Ukraine bombed the Russian oil field in the Smolensk region inside Russia on Wednesday.

This was the same day that Speaker Mike Johnson, Democrats, RINOs, and Joe Biden signed over another $60 billion to the eastern European nation in its now — offensive campaign — against Russia.

Joe Biden signed into law on Wednesday an aid package providing crucial military assistance to Ukraine, capping months of negotiations and debate.

Then Ukraine blew up a Russian oil field.

The Biden regime, Mike Johson, RINOs and Democrats support this war.


Only President Donald Trump can put an end to this madness.
Only Trump can prevent World War III.

Business Insider reported:

Ukraine launched a new wave of long-range drone strikes on oil depots in Russia this week as part of a campaign targeting the Kremlin’s critical infrastructure.

Drones sent by Ukraine’s security service hit two Rosneft-owned oil depots in Russia’s Smolensk region on Wednesday, multiple outlets reported, citing a Ukrainian intelligence source.

A source in the Ukrainian defense sector told Agence France-Presse that the depots stored 26,000 cubic meters of fuel.

Metallurgical and pharmaceutical plants in Lipetsk in southwest Russia have also been attacked, reports say.

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