Monday 13 May 2024

Anti-Israel Protesters Get Booed As They Walk Out On Graduation Speaker Jerry Seinfeld

 Pro-Palestinian students walked out of Duke University’s commencement ceremony on Sunday as Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who has displayed support for Israel amid its war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, was being introduced as a speaker.

Boos could be heard from the audience while a small group of graduates waved Palestinian flags in Wallace Wade Stadium, according to a videothat has gone viral on social media.

The dozens of students who walked out chanted, “Free, free Palestine.” As reported by the New York Times, Seinfeld “looked on and smiled tensely” as the demonstration took place.

Seinfeld received an honorary degree at Duke while some graduates shouted, “Jerry! Jerry!” and he delivered remarks in which he quipped about growing up a “Jewish boy from New York” being “a privilege if you want to be a comedian.”

The Hollywood star, best known for the hit TV comedy Seinfeld, is now on tour promoting his new movie Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story. He has two children who were accepted into Duke University.

Anti-Israel protests have been taking place on university campuses nationwide, raising concerns about the safety of Jewish students. Despite the large amount of press the demonstrations have received, pollingindicates most U.S. college students do not support the tactics employed in the protests.


Seinfeld visited Israel in December in a show of solidarity after Hamas terrorists committed a deadly attack on Israeli soil in October and met with the families of hostages who were taken during the onslaught at the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum Headquarters, according to Deadline.

“Seinfeld told the families that he feels a deep commitment to raising awareness around the world about the issue of the hostages,” said a statement from the forum. “He and his family were clearly deeply affected by the stories of the experiences they heard from the family members and the released hostages.”

In February, Seinfeld could be seen smiling and waving to a group of anti-Israel protesters gathered outside an event he was attending in Manhattan. The demonstrators could be heard screaming, “Genocide supporter, you support genocide.”

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