Tuesday 28 May 2024

Biden amps up war on coal in bid to turn America “green” … but energy infrastructure collapse will plunge America’s economy into disarray

 If you and your family continue to resist the Biden regime's "green" agenda, it will soon no longer matter how you feel about it because it will be forced down your throat.

It recently came to light that President Biden's plan involves locking up millions of acres of federal land to prevent all coal mining and drilling for oil and natural gas. Biden also wants to shut down all remaining coal-fired power plants throughout America.

If the regime is successful, Americans will have no more ability to even purchase cheap energy, which will force them to go "green." The electric grid will collapse, of course, but this is the trajectory of the country under Biden.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released a new rule to basically make it impossible for any coal mining and oil and gas drilling operations to exist.

"This will cripple coal mining in the Powder River Basin and other western reserves, which provide most of the nation's thermal coal used for energy production," warns RealClearWire's Emily Arthun.

"This action alone would have been devastating, but it was just part of a much larger and far-reaching series of regulatory actions."


Fight back against green tyranny, America

The new BLM rules were unleashed in what Arthun describes as "an 11th hour assault" since they were issued just days before the close of a period of time that allowed for the new president, in this case Biden, to reverse the decision via executive order (EO). 

"With this announcement, any reversal will have to come through action by both houses of Congress or by litigation in court," Arthun writes.

Several of the Biden regime's own electric utility regulators have warned repeatedly that shutting down coal, oil and gas production threatens to break the grid, but Biden's handlers refuse to listen.

"The new regulations effectively make it impossible for utilities to continue to operate coal-fired power plants without investing in new, largely unproven commercially and highly expensive, carbon capture technologies capable of cutting 95% of carbon dioxide emissions," Arthun explains.

"It would also require the same of any new natural gas-powered facilities. However, existing natural gas facilities would be exempt from the requirement."

The obvious goal of the new rules has nothing to do with saving the planet from "warming" or other such nonsense. It is all about gutting America of its foundation so the "greenies," in this case communist China and their handlers, can swoop in and take over the place.

In time, it will be impossible for the average person to survive economically because the green transition will boot out the poor and middle classes from society. The only thing that will remain is the uber-rich and the uber-poor with very little in between other than a massive gap.

Arthun says the actions will "ripple through the entire economy," including by driving up utility bills to the point that the average person can no longer pay them.

"They will drive already staggering electric bills out of reach for millions of American families, leaving them struggling with the choice of putting food on the table or heating and cooling their homes," she says.

"Many of those on fixed incomes, such as retirees on social security, will be the hardest hit."

Even those who have enough money to pay their utility bills in the new green economy may not have any utilities to buy once baseload generation pushes past the grid's breaking point. Welcome to the new normal, brought to you by the globalists.

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