Wednesday 22 May 2024

Cohen’s Lawyer Says Telling The Truth About Lying Makes Her Client Credible

 An attorney for former President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen claimed that he was more credible because he told the truth about the times he had been dishonest in the past.

Danya Perry sat down on Monday with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who now works for MSNBC, and argued that her client’s willingness to come clean about the things he had lied about in the past made him more believable in the present — particularly with regard to his testimony in the hush money trial against Trump in Manhattan.


Psaki brought up the fact that Robert Costello, another attorney who had previously advised Cohen, had been called by the defense to cast doubt on his testimony — and was only able to do so because Cohen had, years ago, waived his attorney-client privilege.

“Years ago, he waived his attorney-client privilege when it comes to Robert Costello,” Psaki said. “Do you regret that? Should he regret that?”

“I don’t think there were any blows that landed,” Perry replied. “I think Michael testified exactly what that relationship was and why he stayed at arms’ length from Bob Costello. I think the jury saw that on full display today.”


“I think Michael has been nothing but forthright with this prosecution team,” Perry continued, arguing that everything the defense was using to “discredit” Cohen was based on information that he himself had volunteered in the past. “Some of the so-called ‘aha’ or ‘gotcha’ moments were given to the defense care of Michael Cohen.”

“The takeaway here is that he has made his peace with his admittedly checkered past. … And he was also truthful about the many lies and mistakes he’s made along the way,” she added.

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