Wednesday 1 May 2024

Cruz Rips Major Left-Wing Funders Of Anti-Semitic Protests: ‘There’s Real Money Behind It’

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped left-wing funders this week who have donated to the groups behind the anti-Semitic protests on college campuses across the U.S.

Cruz made the remarks on his “Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson while discussing protests that have erupted at Columbia University, the University of Southern California, Yale University, New York University, and others.

“The radical groups received at least $300,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2017 and it also took in $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2019,” Cruz said. “Let me stop and say something. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, let me ask you, is there anybody around the Rockefeller Brothers Fund who’s not an anti-Semite? Who’s not a bigot? Who’s not an anti-American vicious Marxist? If there is, get them to stop it.”

“There’s real money behind it,” he continued. “And if you look at it, in many instances, so copycat tents had been seen at Harvard, at Yale, at Berkeley, at Ohio State, at Emory, and they’re organized by branches of the Students for Justice in Palestine, SJP, funded by George Soros.”

Cruz then highlighted the worldview that many leftist professors have that they have taught their students.

“The view of those Marxist academics is if you’re killing oppressors, that’s a good thing,” Cruz said. “The other group are the so-called victims. And when it comes to the Middle East, the victims are the Palestinians, in the leftist view. And what Marxists advocate is the violent revolution of the victims against the oppressors. So, when the so-called victims are killing the oppressors, they’re cheering for the murderer, the Marxist is happy for the murder, they think it is a good thing.”



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