Wednesday 8 May 2024

“GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” – President Trump Pokes “Conflicted” Judge Merchan Attacks Democrat “THUGS” on Sophisticated Hit Job to Ruin Him and Steal His Rights


President Trump sits in crooked Judge Merchan’s courtroom in New York City on Monday May 6, 2024

President Trump on Wednesday posted a new complaint on Truth Social against the Democrat Biden-linked attorneys who are holding him in court on bogus lawfare charges to prevent him from campaigning for president.

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in US history.

The Democrats are not only attempting to destroy Trump’s reputation and ruin him financially, they are wasting his time so he cannot speak to the people of America.

And the fake news legacy media outlets are ALL supporting this historic abuse.

Crooked Judge Juan Merchan has ordered President Trump NOT to speak out in his defense against the outlandish coordinated attacks against him.  Merchan threatened to put the former president in prison for violating his gag order.


Today Trump poked this crooked judge.  Good for President Trump!

Where is the outrage?

President Trump: It is a really bad feeling to have your Constitutional Right to Free Speech, such a big part of life in our Country, so unfairly taken from you, especially when all of the sleazebags, lowlifes, and grifters that you oppose are allowed to say absolutely anything that they want. It is hard to sit back and listen to lies and false statements be made against you knowing that if you respond, even in the most modest fashion, you are told by a Corrupt and Highly Conflicted Judge that you will be PUT IN PRISON, maybe for a long period of time. This Fascist mindset is all coming from D.C. It is a sophisticated hit job on Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, ME!. Judges Engoron and Kaplan, also of New York, are equally Corrupt, only in different ways. What these THUGS are doing is AN ATTACK ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, AND OUR ONCE GREAT NATION ITSELF. OUR FIRST AMENDMENT MUST STAND, FREE AND STRONG. “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!’

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