Sunday 5 May 2024

Google Reverses Decision To Ban Trump Ad Targeting Biden On Inflation, Illegal Immigration: Report

 Google reportedly removed an ad from former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign this week that targeted President Joe Biden on inflation and illegal immigration.

The ad reportedly sought to reach black voters, with whom Biden is struggling recent polling, in rural Georgia.

The ad depicts a woman working for the Biden campaign getting rejected by a voter when trying to see if he is willing to vote again for Biden.

The voter highlights Biden’s incentives for illegal aliens and inflation as two major reasons he is now voting for Trump.

The following is the dialogue contained in the ad:

BIDEN CAMPAIGN: Hello, I’m with the Biden campaign.

VOTER: Yeah, yeah, I voted for Biden last time.

BIDEN CAMPAIGN: That’s fantastic.

VOTER: Is it? Everything costs more: food, gas, rent.

BIDEN CAMPAIGN: Okay, but Biden’s helping pay rent for “newcomers” to America from around the world.

VOTER: You mean illegal immigrants? I’m struggling to pay my bills, but Biden’s paying rent for illegals? They get handouts and I’m paying for it.

BIDEN CAMPAIGN: But Biden can still count on your vote, right?

VOTER: Things were better before Biden. I’m voting for Trump.


Andrew Arenge, director of the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies and a member of NBC News’ Election Unit, said on X that Google removed the ad.

“This ad has been removed by Google for a ‘policy violation.’ It was live in the Google archive this morning but I just looked and it’s now been removed,” Arenge posted. “Super PAC spent over $15K targeting it at specific communities near Macon, GA after launching it on April 25th.”

However, after facing significant backlash online, Google appears to have reversed its decision.

“Google appears to have completely reversed their decision,” Arenge said. “The Make America Great Again, Inc. ads are no longer flagged for a policy violation in the Google ad archive.”

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