Friday 10 May 2024

‘Pound Sand, Ironclad Joe’: Biden Takes A Virtual Beating For Claiming He’ll ‘Leave No One Behind’

 President Joe Biden took a virtual beating on Thursday after he shared a post on X claiming that his administration would always keep the promises they made and would “leave no one behind.”

Biden shared a photo of himself standing in front of a large American flag, wearing a blue suit and his usual aviator sunglasses, and added the caption, “On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them. And we leave no one behind.”

Political commentator Guy Benson pointed immediately to the fact that Biden had posted a comment about keeping promises less than 24 hours after declaring that he would unilaterally withhold military aid — which was already promised and approved by Congress — if Israel launched a ground invasion to root out Hamas terrorists in Rafah.

“What timing,” Benson posted.

“These are the five American hostages that Joe Biden has left behind in Gaza,” @aghamilton29 posted, sharing a photo of the remaining American hostages still held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

“Joe Biden literally left Americans behind in Afghanistan,” Stephen L. Miller added.

“Unless you happen to be an American stuck or held hostage in Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip, or Haiti,” Jeremy Redfern posted.


“There are American hostages in Gaza and abandoned allies in Afghanistan,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said.

Twitchy’s @politibunny added, “Joe. Hamas still has American hostages. You left Americans behind in Afghanistan. You left allies behind in Afghanistan. You promised aid to Israel … you’re now threatening to withhold it. Delete this. Holy cow, dude.”

“*Offer not valid for Americans in: Afghanistan Gaza,” CNN commentator Scott Jennings posted.

Former Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) weighed in as well, saying, “Unless you’re an American held hostage by Hamas or an American who was working in Afghanistan when Biden ordered an abrupt withdrawal. Then you’re screwed.”

“The American citizens held hostage by Hamas in Gaza were not immediately available for comment. Nor were the U.S. allies hiding from Taliban murder squads in Afghanistan. Pound sand, ‘Ironclad’ Joe,” Townhall managing editor Spencer Brown added.

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