Thursday 23 May 2024

Summer Camp For Military Families Asked If Six-Year-Olds Are Transgender, Non-Binary

 A summer camp that exclusively serves the children of Maryland Army National Guardsmen asked parents if their six-year-old children were transgender or non-binary.

The Homefront Challenge Summer Camp, an overnight camp that is only open to children of military families with parents serving in the Maryland Army National Guard, asked parents on a sign-up sheet to denote the gender of their children and offered the options of transgender and non-binary, raising the question regarding how the camp would be run, including whether it will house male and female campers within the same cabins.

“We are excited to announce that the Maryland Army National Guard Child and Youth Program (MDARNG CYP) will be holding its annual residential Youth Summer Camp … for military youth ages 6-12 years old,” a signup form for the summer camp obtained by The Daily Wire reads. The signup form goes on to ask the age of the children being signed up for the camp, as well as their gender identity.

One section of the form, subtitled “Child’s Gender,” allowed parents to denote that their children identify as “trans male,” “trans female,” or “non-binary” instead of just male or female. 

A corresponding sign-up form for the 13 to 18-year-old cohort also asked parents to designate the gender of their child and once again gave the options of “trans male,” “trans female,” and “non-binary.”

Hours after The Daily Wire reached out to the camp, the sheet was modified and now asks parents to fill in the blank, leaving the question open-ended rather than providing the transgender and non-binary options. The Daily Wire saved a version of the original form. The camp did not respond to requests for comment.

The camp is available only to dependents of the Maryland Army National Guard, and runs for a week late next month.

Gender identity ideology has led to similar issues at other summer camps, with an investigation from The Daily Wire revealing that one overnight summer camp in Colorado decided to house adults in the same cabin as children by their gender identity, meaning that adult male camp counselors who identify as women could be placed in the same cabin as young girls.

The camp’s decision to allow young children to identify as transgender or nonbinary marks one more way in which the military has embraced leftwing gender ideology.

The Air Force Academy recently hosted a transgender-identifying activist and military service member who works to embed leftwing gender ideology into the armed services as a featured speaker at a conference on leadership and inclusion. The Air Force Academy even told The Daily Wire that “intentional misgendering” may constitute discrimination, potentially resulting in punishment for cadets who use biologically accurate pronouns when referring to those who identify as transgender.

The Pentagon has worked to institutionalize leftwing gender ideology and the broader diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda, even requesting $114 million in taxpayer funding to support “unconscious bias diversity training” and “training programs and diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

Former President Donald Trump has pledged to purge wokeness and the DEI agenda from the federal government by taking action to fire bureaucrats who leveraged their positions to push far-left ideology throughout the administrative state. Trump’s allies at the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 are assembling a personnel database to take the place of outgoing bureaucrats who’ve pushed a far-Left agenda.

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