Wednesday 8 May 2024

Target, Best Buy To Sponsor Race-Based Career Fair For ‘People Of Color’ Held By DEI Consultants

 Corporate giants including Target, US Bank, and Best Buy are teaming up with a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting firm to hold a race-based career fair that appears to exclude white people on the basis of their race.

Called the People of Color Career Fair, the event is set to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October and boasts a long list of sponsors, including not only Target, US Bank, and Best Buy, but also Delta Airlines, General Mills, the Minnesota Department of Education, and Minneapolis Public Schools.

“At US Bank, we’re clear about our DEI commitments and what we need to do to diversify our workforce even more,” the financial institution’s Chief Diversity Officer Greg Cunningham said in a statement endorsing the conference, adding that the event allows US Bank to “execute on various aspects of our DEI recruiting strategy.”

The fair is being organized by the Rae Mackenzie Group, a DEI consulting firm that encourages corporations to recruit new employees on the basis of their race.

“It doesn’t matter if your messaging is on point and you’re connected with Black-owned vendors and nonprofits, if People of Color aren’t joining and staying with your organization, then something is missing from your approach,” the consulting firm claims. “A lack of diversity is fatal for your business.”

“You simply cannot effectively lead your organization in the right direction if your organization lacks People of Color bringing their perspective and lens to your organization,” the Rae Mackenzie Group goes on to warn. “If you’re not integrating your DEI strategy into every aspect of your marketing and communications, you’re falling behind.”

The DEI consulting firm managed to garner the support of at least two companies that have a history of partaking in DEI programs that discriminate against white people on the basis of their race. Both US Bank and Best Buy partnered with McKinsey and Company to offer professional development trainings that barred white employees and intended to “diversify talent pipelines” and “accelerate racial equity.”

Target has also come under heavy criticism for its DEI agenda and faced a boycott last year over its LGBT children’s clothing line and merchandise, which included a kid’s book called “Bye Bye Binary” about a non-binary baby.

Discrimination against white and Asian people on the basis of their race has become increasingly common in corporate America, with companies embedding leftwing ideologies into their practices in the name of DEI. A “diversity internship” at NASCAR, for example, banned white applicants on the basis of their race and was called “blatantly illegal” by one lawyer, an investigation from The Daily Wire revealed. NASCAR removed the racial eligibility requirement following the report from The Daily Wire, but has not yet removed two other programs that similarly discriminate.

The Kraft Group, which is best known for owning the New England Patriots, recently received criticism over a listing for a Sports Management Associate position that listed a non-white racial background as a qualification for the role. There are also the tech companies IBM andOracle, both of which hosted internship programs that excluded both white and Asian applicants on the basis of their race. Microsoft evenbragged that it paid white employees less than it paid white people “for the same job title.” Apple hosted entrepreneur training programs that are only open to companies with leaders who are women or who are not white or Asian, an investigation from The Daily Wire previously revealed.

Neither the corporations nor the Rae Mackenzie Group responded to requests for comment.

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