Monday 27 May 2024

U.S. Navy Commander: ‘Russian, Chinese’ Nationals Trying To Enter U.S. Navy Bases In America Every Week

 Democratic political strategist James Carville said late last week that his party’s messaging is atrocious and that it’s one of the primary reason that young and black voters are abandoning the party.

Carville made the remarks during a video posted online for Politicon where he argued that Democrats are focused on the wrong things.

“We keep wondering why these young people are not coming home to the Democrats,” Carville said. “Why are Blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of s**t, that’s why.”

He said that the party should “talk about cost of living, and ‘we’re going to help deal with this.’ Don’t talk about f***ing Gaza and student loans.”

He noted that polling has shown that the issues Americans care about the most are all related to the economy — not Gaza and not student loans.

“Why are we forgiving student loans for people that go to Harvard?” Carville asked. “Which — according to Scott Galloway, quite accurately, is nothing but a hedge fund that has classrooms — well, they got a $52 billion f***ing surplus. Why are taxpayers gonna bail these people out?”


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