Saturday 25 May 2024

WATCH: Staffer For Rashida Tlaib Hits Fox News Crew With Umbrella To Obstruct Camera

 A staffer for Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) hit a Fox News crew with an umbrella on Thursday as they attempted to question the congresswoman about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coming to speak to Congress.

Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram began asking Tlaib a question when the aide deployed the umbrella and tried to block him.

After Pergram dodged the umbrella, he moved around to Tlaib’s other side and asked: “What happens if Netanyahu comes to speak? Is that a mistake by the Speaker to extend this request? What do you think of the Democratic leaders agreeing to that request as well?”

“Would you attend?” he asked. “Would you protest in any form?”

Tlaib would not answer until the staffer repositioned himself to block the person holding the camera.

“I don’t know, inviting a war criminal to Congress is a sham,” she answered. “It’s shameful.”

The cameraman appeared to say that the staffer hit him with an umbrella, which the staffer denied.

“We have it on video, guys,” Pergram said.

Pergram went up to a police officer who was standing there and said: “He hit him with the umbrella. That’s assault.”

“I mean, this is ridiculous,” another member of the Fox News crew said.



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