Friday 3 May 2024

What a Mess! Joe Biden Lies About the Economy and Reads Teleprompter Instructions Out Loud in North Carolina Speech (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina to deliver remarks on his ‘Investing in America’ agenda.

Biden’s economy is a total dumpster fire. Americans are suffering because of persistent inflation, chronic unemployment/underemployment, soaring gas prices and high mortgage rates.

As usual, Biden’s speech was a total disaster. He slurred through his short remarks, lied about the economy and read the teleprompter instructions out loud.

“We cut the federal deficit!” Biden said as he falsely claimed his economic plan “is beginning to work.”


“We’ve created a record 15 million jobs,” Biden said.

This is a lie. The vast majority of the jobs were people going back to work after Democrats forcefully shut down businesses during the Covid pandemic. Furthermore, every job post-Covid has gone to foreign-born workers, including illegal aliens! 


Biden also read the teleprompter instructions out loud.

“…referred to as PFAS. P-dash-F-A-S-dash…” Biden said. 


After Biden wrapped up his remarks, he turned around and shouted, “Don’t jump!” before shuffling away.

81 million votes.


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