Wednesday 8 May 2024

‘You Do Have The Right…’: Michael Moore Calls For More Campus Takeovers By Radical Protestors

 Michael Moore called for more campus takeovers by anti-Israel radical protestors — like the ones that have been seen across the country at colleges like Columbia University and UCLA.

During the 70-year-old’s latest podcast “Rumble with Michael Moore,” the activist film director suggested that it was “democracy” in action for these “brilliant” students to take over buildings on campuses as they call for a ceasefire in Gaza following the terrorist attack on October 7, Mediaite reported.

“When I’m talking about nonviolent, I’m talking about you do have the right to take over the administration building,” Moore said

“You have to take over buildings,” he added. “That is not violence.”

“I hope it continues,” Moore continued. “I applaud every student who has taken a stand at their campus, at graduation, whatever. This is the purpose of a democracy.”

He then blasted Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) who he said had called out “outside agitators” to stop rising tensions on the Columbia University campus, where hundreds of pro-Palestine protestors have been arrested.

“It’s such a joke,” Moore said. “There’s no such thing as an outside agitator because these schools live in the communities. They exist in the communities. They participate in the communities.”

“If you haven’t started an encampment at your college, do it!” he added. “Take a stand.”

One activist protestor, interviewed on his show, admitted that the whole point of these radical takeovers of campuses is “disruption,” the outlet noted.

“There’s the misconception that we’re disrupting. That’s the point,” the activist said. “We’re here to disrupt. Like, thank you for saying we’re disrupting because that’s the truth.”

“We’re here to disrupt your daily lives,” the activist added. “We’re here to show you the urgency.”

Moore then repeated a claim he’s made previously, suggesting that President Joe Biden will lose the 2024 election to former President Donald Trump if he doesn’t change his policy of supporting Israel, as previously reported.

“We’ve got a president who doesn’t seem to have a clue in his head,” the leftist film director said, calling on the president to “pull the plug” on his support of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

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