Tuesday 21 May 2024

“You’re a F*cking Liar!” – Norm Eisen, Key Architect Behind the Color Revolution and 180 Lawfare Cases Against Trump, Confronted Outside Courthouse (VIDEO)


Norm Eisen, the key architect behind the Color Revolution and lawfare cases against President Trump, was confronted outside a Manhattan courthouse by the founder of “Crowdsource the Truth.”

“You’re a f*cking liar!” the reporter shouted at Eisen. “You set this all up and Costello just exploded your bullsh*t! You’re going to jail bro!”

Trump’s defense witness Robert Costello on Monday testified that Norm Eisen coerced Michael Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket.

Eisen wilted and walked over to a cop for protection.


Norm Eisen is behind every lawfare case against President Trump.

Michael Cohen went to Norm Eisen in 2016 with his Stormy Daniels hush money payment grift.


Obama’s “Ethics Czar” Norm Eisen is behind 180 lawsuits against Trump and was behind nearly every effort to sue, impeach, and overthrow Trump. 

In September 2020, Tucker Carlson spoke with Revolver News’ Darren Beattie, a former speechwriter for President Trump. Beattie called out Norm Eisen in his discussion about the color revolution. 

Darren Beattie specifically called out Norm Eisen as the lawfare hatchet man and Democrat operative behind the Color Revolution:

Norm Eisen is a key legal hatchet man, a Democrat operative and former Obama “Ethics Czar”, believe it or not. And he’s also a key architect of nearly every effort to censor, sue, impeach and overthrow the President. He is the author of in fact a color revolution playbook, literally called the playbook, and one of the items he calls for in his playbook to overthrow regimes overseas he doesn’t like is engineering election fraud scenarios using election fraud to engineer mass protests to question the legitimacy of the target leader.

Norm Eisen has a long and checkered history going all the way back to his days at CREW which is a lawfare arm. He’s been behind over 180 lawsuits against Trump. He authored ten articles of impeachment before the President’s phone call was even made. He was special counsel to the Democrats for the impeachment process. He was literally involved in every aspect of this color revolution against Trump.


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