Saturday 1 June 2024

Anti-Woke Consumers Make Their Message Loud And Clear As Jeremy’s Razors Revenue Skyrockets

 The phrase “go woke, go broke” has been used a lot of use over the past few years — and rightly so — as leftist corporations continue to push the alphabet soup agenda on their customers despite the negative effect on their earnings reports. “Go woke, go broke” has just been reality. Bud Light and Target could tell you all about that.

But what happens when you “go anti-woke”? Or, we should ask, what happens when you simply stay anti-woke and sell consumers quality products without trying to hammer them with leftist talking points?

It turns out that you make a lot of happy customers out of people who don’t want to give their money to woke corporations that hate them.

People are giving their money to The Daily Wire and Jeremy’s Razors, and the media is noticing.

Just one year after Jeremy’s Razors burst onto the market, it hit nearly $20 million in revenue and doubled its earnings from the previous year. Axios reported earlier this week that The Daily Wire “made more than $22 million from commerce in 2023, representing roughly 10% of its revenue for the year.”

“In total, Jeremy’s Razors products brought in more than $19 million in revenue for the Daily Wire in 2023, up from $10 million in 2022,” Axios added, citing numbers given to the outlet by Daily Wire executives.

In other words, people are tired of buying products from woke corporations, and consumers are happy to purchase quality alternatives from Jeremy’s Razors.

“We launched Jeremy’s Razors for the same reason we launched a general and kids entertainment business and a news, commentary and podcasting business: because in order to win we have to rip the economy in two,” Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said.

“We have to build market alternatives that, in success, will force the Left to take real losses if they don’t compete directly for our business,” the god-king added.

Now, the Left can’t help but notice the success of Jeremy’s Razors as sales spiked again last week after the company released the “2nd Greatest commercial ever” and announced that the radically redesigned 2nd Gen razor would be sold on Amazon.

It didn’t take long for Jeremy’s Razors to become the hottest razor on the world’s largest marketplace. People especially love the men’s 5-Blade Precision 5 Razor, which comes with a precision trimmer and an Argan Oil & Aloe lubricating strip to help reduce skin irritation.

Along with the razors’ success, The Daily Wire also crushed expectations after host Michael Knowles launched Mayflower Cigars. Since Mayflower’s launch in November, the cigar company has already surpassed $2 million in revenue.

*Do not enter unless you are 21 years of age or older.

In 2023, The Daily Wire sold another $3 million in merchandise from Daily Wire Shop, which includes fan-favorite items, such as the Truth Bomb, Knowles’ Yes or No party game, and the “Old Glory” Daly Wire baseball bat signed by Ben Shapiro.

And the fight against woke corporations doesn’t stop there. Following the launch of Jeremy’s Razors in 2022, The Daily Wire also started Jeremy’s Chocolate because, at The Daily Wire, we want your chocolate bar to be in your mouth, not telling you that a man can be a woman. Jeremy’s Chocolate sold over 750,000 chocolate bars at its launch, proving yet again that consumers are sick of wokeism.

Then, last month, The Daily Wire launched Responsible Man, a company dedicated to high-quality men’s health products — all without any woke garbage piled on top of it.

Alternative products for conservative consumers aren’t just on the fringe anymore. Jeremy’s Razors’ customers are done with the woke nonsense, and the future of the anti-woke market is bright.

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