Wednesday 26 June 2024

Biden Campaign: Florida Is No Longer A Swing State

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign said this week that despite Biden’s previous claim that he believes Florida is in play for 2024, they do not believe that the state is winnable for Democrats this upcoming election cycle.

Biden campaign chairperson Jen O’Malley Dillon was asked during an interview this week if the campaign believes that Florida is a battleground state.

“No,” she responded.

During a visit to the state in April, Biden said that he thought “Florida’s in play, nationally.”

Democrats used to have an advantage of 300,000 more registered voters than Republicans when DeSantis took over as governor.

However, under DeSantis’ leadership, Republicans are now closing in on having more than a million more registered voters than Democrats have.

“For decades, Florida was the largest, most-important battleground state in presidential elections,” DeSantis posted on X this week in response to the Biden campaign acknowledging that the state is not winnable for Biden.

“Today, even the Biden campaign acknowledges that those days are over,” he added. “Florida is not in play in 2024.”


Dan Kanninen, the campaign’s battleground states director, tried to reverse what Dillon said, claiming: “Florida is in play for President Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot.”

Florida Democrat Party chairwoman Nikki Fried said that state Democrats were “not naive about the challenges ahead” for the party.

DNC chairman Jamie Harrison claimed that “the planets are aligning” in such a way that “Florida is going to be in that mix” this fall.

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