Thursday 27 June 2024

Bowman Gives Shoutout To Muslim Communities Outside His District In Concession Speech

 After losing his primary race, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) used his concession speech on Tuesday night to tout his support from Muslims in San Francisco and Dearborn, Michigan.

Just weeks ago, Bowman accused his Democratic rival, George Latimer, of race-baiting for suggesting the lawmaker’s “constituency” was from those areas that have large Arab-American communities.

“You don’t understand what the Muslim community specifically did in this race. The Muslim community from Yonkers to San Francisco to Dearborn, Michigan,” Bowman said.

During a debate earlier this month, Latimer cast Bowman as someone who did not prioritize the interests of his district in the Bronx and Westchester County with a diverse population.

“When you get as much money as you get from outside the district, your constituency is Dearborn, Michigan. Your constituency is San Francisco, California,” Latimer said.

Bowman, a member of the leftist “Squad” who has been a vocal critic of Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, called the comment an “Islamophobic dogwhistle” in a post to social media.

“I love our Muslim and Arab neighbors in NY16 just like I love our Jewish, white and Black neighbors here and across the country,” he added. “I’m fighting for all of us.”

CNN host Abby Phillip asked Latimer to address his remark during a CNNinterview after his campaign, backed by pro-Israel groups, was projected to win in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

“It’s not a dogwhistle of anything. He had a major fundraiser in California. He raised more money in California in the last report than he made from New York,” Latimer said.

He also noted that Bowman and fellow Israel critic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), whose district includes Dearborn, formed a joint fundraising committee earlier this year.


“It’s a geographic reference, not a demographic reference,” Latimer said.

Latimer added later that “it is clear that he raised money more in proportion outside the district from a nationwide network of donors that included people from those locations and others.”

Bowman’s decision to give props to the Muslim communities in places such as San Francisco and Dearborn during his concession speech also drew some backlash on social media.

“He hates that Jews in his own district live in tight-knit communities but Muslim communities in other parts of the country are praiseworthy,” saidNational Review Online Editor Phillip Klein.

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