Friday 14 June 2024

CNBC’s Ross Sorkin: Trump-Friendly CEOs Shocked by ‘Remarkably Meandering’ Ex-President

CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin said Friday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that a “number of CEOs” thought former President Donald Trump was “remarkably meandering” during their meeting.

Ross Sorkin said, “We should talk about this story. Former President Trump, Donald Trump meeting with 80 CEOs yesterday at the Business Roundtables quarter meeting. He told them if he is elected in November they will see tax cuts and curtailment of business regulations according to people in the meeting. He wants to bring the federal corporate tax rate down to from 21% to 20%. He also mentioned a plan to eliminate the tax on worker tips that he proposed last weekend.”

He continued, “Earlier in the day, Trump told a meeting of House Republicans about an idea to impose an all tariff policy to eliminate income tax. He also spoke about using tariffs to leverage negotiating power over bad actors. I talked to a number of CEOs who were at that meeting.”

Ross Sorkin added, “I will say I was surprised. I spoke to a number of CEOs who I would say walked into the meeting being Trump supporter-ish or thinking that they might be leaning that direction who said that he was remarkably meandering, could not keep a straight thought, was all over the map.”

He concluded, “Maybe it was not surprising, but is interesting to me because these were people who I think might have been actually predisposed to him and walked out of the room less predisposed to him… As one person said this may not be any different or better than than a Biden thought if you’re thinking that way. That was very interesting.”

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