Friday 28 June 2024

CNN Bails Out Biden After He Freezes On Live Television. Trump Destroys Him.

 President Joe Biden froze on live television Thursday night during CNN’s presidential debate against former President Donald Trump, prompting CNN to bail him out.

The moment came when Biden began sputtering while talking about his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“…eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the, with the COVID,” Biden muttered. “Excuse me with, dealing with everything we have to do with, uh, look–, if we finally beat Medicare–”

CNN’s Jake Tapper immediately interrupted Biden to prevent him from further damaging himself with his response.

“Thank you, President Biden,” Tapper said.

“Well, he’s right,” Trump responded. “He did beat Medicaid. He beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare because all of these people are coming in. They’re putting them on Medicare, they’re putting them on Social Security. They’re gonna destroy Social Security. This man is going to singlehandedly destroy Social Security, these millions and millions of people coming in. They’re trying to put them on Social Security.”



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