Thursday 6 June 2024

CNN Legal Analyst Isn’t Buying Hunter Biden Defense In Gun Trial: He Wasn’t High *That* Day

 A CNN legal analyst took the firing pin out of Hunter Biden’s latest defense in his trial on several gun-related charges, saying that it did not matter whether or not the president’s embattled son had thought of himself as “an addict” at the time.

Biden is charged in part with lying on a federal form about whether or not he was addicted to an illicit substance when he purchased a firearm. As Mediaite reported, defense attorney Joey Jackson told anchors Evan Perez and Alisyn Camerota that the defense’s argument — that because Biden was not high the day that he bought his firearm, he did not consider himself to be an “addict” — was not likely to hold up in court.

“The prosecution doesn’t have any evidence that on the day he bought that firearm, that he was using drugs that day,” Perez said, noting that the defense had been working hard to make sure the jury understood that. “As a matter of fact, all these text messages, all of the, a lot of the evidence that they have is from weeks and months before and after the purchase of the gun.”

Cameron turned to Jackson then, asking whether the prosecution was under any obligation to “prove that Hunter was using drugs on the day that he filled out that federal gun form?”

“Simple answer — Good morning, Alisyn — is no, right? It’s about addiction. And we’ve just seen the form and what the form represents,” Jackson replied.


“Big picture before the small picture. You know, as a practitioner in federal and state court on the defense side, and we look there:  ‘Are you an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance?’ It does not reference, Alisyn, the specific day at issue. And I think that’s what prosecutors will do. They’ll take the — the broader view with respect to his addiction, which is what they’re laying out. And of course, his attorneys are rightfully, Mr. [Abbe] Lowell, is pointing to the notion of the time itself.”

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