Sunday 2 June 2024

Failure to Launch: Boeing’s First Manned Space Flight Aborted at Last Minute Due to Unidentified “Problem” (VIDEO)


Credit: SciNews Youtube Screenshot

Boeing’s extensive incompetence extends beyond their garbage planes and into their spacecraft.

As CBS News reported, Boeing’s Starliner was within minutes of blasting off into space Saturday afternoon before a countdown computer detected a “problem” that triggered the last-minute reversal.

Had the launch been successful, it would have marked a historic first astronaut flight for Boeing.

The next attempted launch will take place no earlier than tomorrow, according to the outlet.

CBS News reported:

The countdown appeared to be ticking smoothly toward a planned launch at 12:25 p.m. EDT. But 10 seconds after the countdown came out of a planned hold at the T-minus 4-minute mark, the clocks suddenly stopped ticking.

An unplanned hold in the countdown of a spacecraft bound for the International Space Station means the launch will be delayed at least 24 hours to enable another opportunity to rendezvous with a target moving at nearly five miles per second.

Below is the full video of the aborted launch.


It’s unclear at this point what caused the issue, but CBS News revealed that NASA claimed “the GLS (Ground Launch Sequencer) did not load the proper configuration files when the countdown resumed.”

The outlet speculates that this could mean a software issue.

This was not the first time the Starliner had failed to take off as expected. CBS notes that back on May 6, The Starliner’s crew, commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore and co-pilot Sunita Williams, came within about two hours of launch on May 6. However they were foiled due to problems with a pressure relief valve in their Atlas 5 rocket and a helium leak in the capsule’s propulsion module.

The problems were resolved and a launch appeared on track Saturday despite a few snags before being called off.

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