Friday 7 June 2024

Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect Had A ‘Planning Document’ For Murders, District Attorney Says

 New York authorities prosecuting the man accused of killing six women and dumping their bodies on Gilgo Beach in New York say the suspect kept a “planning document” to plan the murders.

The suspect, who is not being named by The Daily Wire, was charged Thursday with the 2003 death of Jessica Taylor and the 1993 death of Sandra Costilla, ABC New York reported. This brings the total number of women believed to have been killed by the suspect up to six.

During multiple searches of the suspect’s home in Massapequa, New York, investigators found more than 350 electronic devices and began attempts to extract and analyze the data on those devices. On one hard drive, investigators were able to recover a deleted document that appeared to have been used as a way for the suspect to “plan out” his “kills,” according to a bail application filed by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

The document included underlined headings that read: “Problems,” “Supplies,” “DS,” and “TRG.” “DS” refers to “dump site” and “TRG” seems to stand for “target.”

Each heading includes a list, with the “Problems” list including notes such as “DNA,” “tire marks,” “blood stains,” and “fingerprints.” The complete list appears to show the lengths to which the suspect went to cover his tracks.

As for “Supplies,” the suspect listed items such as “lie/acid,” a “police scaner [sic],” “rope/cord,” and “bags/tape.” A note under the “DS” heading suggested the suspect “recon dumster [sic] locations.” And other targets, the suspect wrote “Megan?” and noted that “small is good.”

The planning document also includes three more sections, titled “Pre-Prep,” “Prep,” and “Post Event.” Under “Pre-Prep” the suspect mentions vehicle inspection, engaging the target, and looking into dump sites and weather reports, as well as looking for video cameras in these areas.

The “Prep” section discusses setting up a “stage” and “holding area” as well as setting up a table, believed by investigators to have been used for victim torture and mutilation. The final section, “Post Event,” includes notes such as “distroy [sic] file,” “change tires,” “burn gloves,” and “dispose of pic’s [sic].” It also notes that the suspect should “have story set.”


The document goes on to expand on these sections, including “recon reports” and how to avoid detection after the fact, including not being seen in the area of the crime for too long and to not use a charge card for gas. It also discusses how to prep the bodies for disposal, including “remove head and hands,” and what items needed to be disposed of following the killings.

Finally, the document includes a section titled “Things:To Remember [sic]” that discusses how sound travels, and how important sleep is before a kill. The document also uses the phrase “next time,” multiple times.

The suspect was arrested on July 13, 2023. He was initially charged with the murders of three women, but has now been charged with three additional murders. The suspect has pleaded not guilty.

The remains of 11 people were found in the Gilgo Beach area, but not all have been connected to the current suspect.

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