Friday 14 June 2024

Harry’s Sends Another Bag Of Cash To Group Promoting Radical Gender Theory

 Remember when that razor company named Harry’s got its panties in a wad because The Daily Wire allows its hosts and their guests to criticize radical gender theory for the evil that it is? 

Just recently, Harry’s bragged about its support for radical gender theory, announcing on June 1 that it’s doubling down on its partnership with The Trevor Project, an activist organization that runs a chat room where minors can talk to peers and adults about their sexuality. 

The Trevor Project is also fully on board with gender surgeries for children, saying that among transgender and “nonbinary” people, “gender-affirming care has been shown to improve mental health.” 

Harry’s wrote in an Instagram post on the first day of “Pride Month” that it was donating $400,000 to the Trevor Project, bringing its total contribution to the organization to more than $2 million. So, if you buy Harry’s, are you indirectly funding the Trevor Project and its dangerous trans ideology? 

“This fuels our year-round partnership, which helps The Trevor Project continue to expand and improve crisis services, as well as grow awareness among marginalized communities. Together over the last 5 years, we’ve been able to connect nearly 1 million LBGTQ+ youth to life saving care,” Harry’s wrote.

What does Harry’s mean by connecting children to “life saving care”? Well, it claims it wants to help “LGBTQ youth” find mental health care, which sounds nice, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the mental health care Harry’s and the Trevor Project are talking about is mostly affirmation — telling children struggling with gender dysphoria that it’s okay to butcher their own bodies in the name of transgenderism. That doesn’t sound caring or healthy at all, and it’s not.

Harry’s said it pulled its advertising from The Daily Wire two years ago because of some comments made on a show, but that only explains part of the decision. If you don’t recall, here’s the quick rundown: after a Twitter account with two followers complained to Harry’s Razors about the opinions expressed about gender identity on “The Michael Knowles Show” in 2022, the razor company said it was pulling its advertising with The Daily Wire. 

But Harry’s had no idea that its move would result in the launch of Jeremy’s Razors, which would go on to make some of the best razors available along with producing the two greatest commercials of all time. After two years of success in making great razors while calling out wokeness and crazy gender ideology, we wanted to find out what Harry’s was up to. 

And we weren’t surprised to find Harry’s exactly where we left it — face-first in the rainbow Kool-Aid. 

Woke corporations like Harry’s have recently become bolder in expressing their disdain for a large percentage of their customers, and they think they can get away with alienating the people who give them money. But as the god-king Jeremy Boreing says, “Stop giving your money to people who hate you. Give it to me instead.”

At Jeremy’s Razors, we welcome you and your views, and we’re committed to making quality products, such as the all new 2nd Gen Precision 5 Razor, which is now Amazon’s Choice

“Woke corporations spend all of your money on DEI. We spent it on a better razor (and a blacker Jeremy). Introducing the Second Generation Jeremy’s Razor – radically redesigned so you can shave like a man, not a manifesto,” Boreing said.

So if you don’t want your money going to companies that fund and celebrate providing resources for 13-year-olds to talk about sex with LGBT adults, you should try great products from a company that doesn’t hate you or your values. 

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