Monday 17 June 2024

Must-have survival items: Why Organic Coconut Oil tops the list

 A truly underrated preparedness item, coconut oil not only offers promising health benefits, but it can also be utilized in a number of survival applications. Here are a few ways you can use coconut oil, either in your daily life or when SHTF.  

It can be used for cooking and baking

Because it has saturated fats that remain stable even at high temperatures, coconut oil is useful for both cooking and baking. In its solid form, it can serve as a convenient alternative to butter. You can even add a few drops of coconut oil to your favorite shake or smoothie to boost your intake of healthy fats and support your healthy brain, heart, immune and digestive functions. Additionally, coconut oil can be used to season your cookware and condition your wooden utensils.

It can be used to moisturize your skin

Thanks to its natural moisturizing properties, there are many ways coconut oil can be used to support healthy, glowing skin. You can apply a bit of melted coconut oil to help rehydrate dry and cracked skin and keep it smooth and soft. Coconut oil also has natural soothing qualities that can help relieve minor, occasional itchy skin, rashes and minor bug bites. You can even apply it topically to naturally soothe minor sunburns or massage it onto bruised skin in circular motions to support your skin’s natural healing process and circulation. Furthermore, coconut oil can be used as a handy carrier oil or as an ingredient in homemade balms and salves.

It can be used to moisturize your hair

Coconut oil's natural moisturizing qualities are not limited to your skin, but they extend to your hair as well. It is naturally abundant in healthy fats that can help hydrate your hair and keep it shiny and healthy-looking. You can use melted coconut oil as a DIY hair mask or conditioner. To use coconut oil as a hair mask, simply massage it into your scalp and roots and leave it on for an hour before washing it out. To use it as a natural hair conditioner, simply mix it with a few drops of lavender essential oil and apply it onto your hair after shampooing. Since it has lubricating properties, coconut oil can also help tame frizzy hair. Moreover, applying warm coconut oil to your scalp and leaving it in for around 15 minutes can help kill head lice in a pinch. 

It can support optimal oral health 

As one of the most commonly used oils for oil pulling, coconut oil can get into the small crevices in your mouth to gently clean your teeth and gums and support healthy oral function. Not only can coconut oil be used to help moisturize chapped lips, but it can also used to help soothe occasional sore or scratchy throats.

It can help prevent body odor

If you don’t have access to deodorant when SHTF, you can make your own homemade coconut oil deodorant by mixing together a little coconut oil, baking soda and either cornstarch or arrowroot powder.

It can remove rust from knife blades 

Just a little bit of coconut oil can go a long way in restoring rusty knife blades. Simply apply a thick layer of coconut oil on your knife blade and allow it to sit for an hour or two before wiping off the residue with a cloth. Repeat the process as necessary until your knife blade is suitably rust-free.

Organic Coconut Oil is a highly useful preparedness item that deserves a place in your survival stockpile 

More than a simple culinary ingredient, organic coconut oil is an incredibly useful and versatile survival item that no prepper would want to be without. It is packed with healthy medium-chain fatty acids that can support healthy energy levels, as well as other beneficial compounds and nutrients that can support your optimal health.

The Health Ranger Store is committed to helping you experience the full benefits and uses of organic coconut oil, which is why we are proud to bring you our lab-verified Health Ranger Select Organic Coconut Oil.

Carefully extracted from fresh high-quality coconuts grown under strict organic standards by our trusted growers, our premium Organic Coconut Oil is loaded with plant-based healthy fats that can support your healthy heart, brain, immune and digestive functions. Rest assured that our Organic Coconut Oil undergoes intense scrutiny and lab verification in our Consumer Wellness Labs. It has been gently processed without the use of bleach or harmful chemicals, so that you can enjoy our premium coconut oil in its most natural form.

Our Health Ranger Select Organic Coconut Oil is non-GMO, plant-based and certified Kosher and organic. It has also been extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.  Add Organic Coconut Oil to your survival stockpile now.

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