Tuesday 25 June 2024

Obama Reportedly Anxious About the Election and ‘Increasingly Involved’ in Biden’s Campaign


Former President Obama is reportedly getting nervous about the 2024 election and is becoming increasingly involved in Joe Biden’s campaign.

One has to wonder why Obama is so heavily invested in making sure Biden wins. Democrats in general seem absolutely terrified about the possibility of a Trump victory.

Are they worried that all of the horrible things they have done to Trump will be exposed to the public?

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Anxious Barack Obama ‘Increasingly Involved’ in Biden Campaign 

Former President Barack Obama is anxious about President Joe Biden’s chances of reelection, so he has “increasingly involved” himself in the Biden campaign, sources told New York Magazine.

Obama’s involvement reportedly began after Biden campaign officials realized in late 2023 that they would face former President Donald Trump in a historic rematch.

Trump has about a two-in-three chance of completing the greatest political comeback in modern American politics, an Economist model forecast in June. In addition, 73 percent of voters think Biden is too old to be an effective president, a New York Times/Siena College survey in March showed, including 61 percent who supported Biden in 2020.

More from NY Magazine:

As he has become more plugged in to Biden’s political thinking, Obama speaks more often with O’Malley Dillon — the campaign’s chair and functionally its executive — including about Biden’s efforts to target hard-to-persuade young and Black voters. At the same time, operatives in Obama’s personal office coordinate with Biden’s campaign to make sure Obama is in the loop on campaign updates. And he has kept in regular touch with the White House side, too, checking in with two more of his former top aides: chief of staff Jeff Zients and Dunn, a senior adviser…

Though “his anxiety about the election is real,” in the words of one Obama friend, the ex-president’s concerns sounded a lot like those of other top Democrats, according to others who’ve spoken with him. Those who are in regular touch with Obama say these nerves are not a reflection of any particular angst about Biden or his team but of the broader reality: The country is closely divided, the media landscape is fractured, and Donald Trump may very well win. Obama has always acknowledged to friends and worried supporters in search of reassurance that the race is likely to be a nail-biter.

Obama and other top Democrats don’t seem to have much faith in Biden. 

The fact that Obama has been present at the last two Biden fundraising events speaks volumes.

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