Sunday 9 June 2024

Teens Arrested After Scooters Leave Marks on ‘Pride’ Crosswalk

 Three people were arrested after a so-called “pride” crosswalk was damaged in Spokane, Washington, on Wednesday.

The LGBT symbol had been repainted recently after liquid was poured upon it and it was set on fire in mid-May, according to KREM-TV.

But on Wednesday, four people riding Lime scooters were seen riding over the mural repeatedly. Lime is a company that rents electric bikes and scooters.

When confronted by witnesses, the scooter riders refused to stop and cursed at the witnesses, according to court documents.

One witness said the teens were intentionally making marks on the mural with the scooters they were riding.

“Officers observed widespread damage as black scuff marks consistent with scooter wheels were observed across the entirety of the mural,” Spokane police said in a statement on the department’s website.

“The area is clearly marked to keep traffic away as it was just re-painted to repair previous damage,” the statement said.

At least 14 black skid marks had marked the mural, according to WTGS-TV.

Police used witness accounts and video surveillance to arrest three suspects about 34 minutes after they were summoned, KREM reported.

Ruslan V.V. Turko, 19, and two minors were charged with first-degree malicious mischief.

Turko was freed on his own recognizance after a Thursday hearing in which prosecutors called for a $15,000 bond.

One condition of his release was that he not go near the mural or those arrested with him.

On Friday, Lime released a statement condemning the incident and said it will make the mural area a no-ride zone.

Lime said on its website that what that means is that when a rider enters a no-go Zone, the vehicle comes to a forced, automatic stop.

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