Tuesday 2 July 2024

Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Sits in on West Wing Meetings with President

 Hunter Biden, 54, the president’s son, who was recently convicted of three gun-related felonies, is reportedly sitting in on meetings with his father in the West Wing, as the Biden family tries to manage the fallout of last week’s debate.

The New York Post reported Tuesday:

First son Hunter Biden has been joining West Wing meetings with his father since President Biden returned to the White House on Monday — as the oldest-ever sitting president resists calls from fellow Democrats to step aside, The Post has confirmed.

Scandal-plagued Hunter, 54, who was convicted June 11 of three federal gun felonies and is scheduled for a second federal trial Sept. 5 for $1.4 million in alleged tax fraud, is an advocate of his 81-year-old dad continuing to seek a second term as the Biden family reportedly blames longtime advisers for the president’s dismal Thursday debate performance.

Hunter Biden’s unusual new role in meetings was first reported by NBC News, citing four sources — and was confirmed to The Post by two sources with indirect knowledge, who said they aren’t sure what precisely his role has been in informing official and political decision-making.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that Hunter Biden’s presence was due to the holiday week, noting he was close to his father. She would not say whether he was meeting with senior West Wing advisers.

Hunter Biden was convicted last month of three felonies for lying about his drug abuse on a federal firearms form in 2018. Ironically, President Joe Biden and the Democrats have used the phrase “convicted felon” to attack former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, who was convicted in May of falsifying business records in Manhattan, after a trial many observers regarded as unfair and unusually tainted by political bias.

In another irony, Hunter Biden was once involved in schemes to provide access to the White House for his foreign business partners when his father was vice president during the Obama administration.Now he has direct access.

It is unclear whether Hunter Biden has passed any kind of security check or background check, and it is also not clear what kind of meetings he is attending with his father, and what sorts of policy decisions are made with him present.

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