Monday 1 July 2024

Former Biden Aide Has Had It With Dems Defending Biden: ‘Jesus Christ With The Gaslighting!’

 A former Biden White House official made it clear on Sunday that he had had it with Democrats — particularly those close to President Joe Biden — defending his poor debate performance and tanking poll numbers.

Michael LaRosa, who previously served as press secretary to First Lady Jill Biden, lashed out at the White House’s former communications director Kate Bedingfield over her appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” — and argued that she was gaslighting the American people.

Bedingfield joined host — and debate moderator — Dana Bash to discuss the Thursday evening event that left many Democrats scrambling to either defend Biden or admit that he was not capable of moving forward with a second term in office.


Bedingfield conceded that debate night had not been “great” for the president — but she then claimed, “The reality is that the race has not fundamentally changed.”

“What we see in all the data that has emerged since Thursday is the fundamental head-to-head hasn’t shifted,” she added.

But LaRosa wasn’t buying it, and said so in an X post.

“The data!? If there is data that counters the impact of what we all saw then WHERE THE HELL IS IT??? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? SHOW US!” he demanded. “Jesus Christ with the gaslighting, the talking points, and the damn spinning. Enough already.”

“Show your supporters or the media this data so we can help you help him! You’ve told us for A YEAR that data and polling can’t be trusted … no one is paying attention … and all of the polling and data are unreliable,” he continued. “Are we NOW supposed to believe it? You’ve been undermining all of the public data and polling and attacking news outlets and their independent data for a year! Is it now safe to trust the data? Should we believe your data instead of independent media data and polling??? Ok, cool. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?”

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