Tuesday 2 July 2024

Steve Garvey Visits IDF Soldiers Wounded In Hamas War

 Baseball Hall-of-Famer Steve Garvey, now the GOP senatorial candidate from California, visited Israel Defense Force Soldiers wounded in the war in Gaza.

Garvey went to Chaim Sheba Medical Center, where he visited with soldiers who had sustained serious injuries, including amputation of limbs, from their efforts at eliminating Hamas. While he was in Tel Aviv, Garvey met with attorney Samara Weiner of Burbank, California, a Democrat who said she would now vote for Garvey.

“On behalf of every Democrat who is Jewish, feeling this way, thank you for your support,” Garvey wrote on Facebook.

“Where others won’t go, my campaign will,” Garvey said. “Americans need to see and understand what happened to Israel on Oct. 7 and why it’s time for the United States to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people in Israel and at home.”

Steve Garvey for U.S. Senate campaign

“On Tuesday – day 2 of my visit to Israel – I visited two sites where the barbaric attacks of October 7th unfolded,” Garvey wrote on Instagram. “I went to the Kibbutz Kfar Aza where over 60 Israelis were killed and 18 taken hostage. We also visited the site of the Nova Music Festival massacre, where over 360 Israeli civilians were killed and 35 taken hostage. It was incredibly moving to see the heartbreaking impact of these heinous attacks and honor the victims.”

“Seeing the sites of these tragedies firsthand offers a perspective you can’t get from watching the news,” he added. “Now more than ever, Israel must know that the United States stands with them.”

In March, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) brazenly tried to interfere in Israeli domestic politics by undermining Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a time of war, saying, “I also believe Prime Minister Netanyahu has lost his way by allowing his political survival to take the precedence over the best interests of Israel … As a lifelong supporter of Israel, it has become clear to me: The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel after Oct. 7. The world has changed — radically — since then, and the Israeli people are being stifled right now by a governing vision that is stuck in the past.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is running against Garvey for the California Senate Seat, agreed, declaring, “The fact that Israel’s most staunch defender in the U.S. Congress, Chuck Schumer, should be making these remarks should be an earthquake in Israel.”

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