Friday 21 February 2020

TRANSCRIPT: USA vs. Roger Stone Sentencing Feb. 20, 2020 — Including Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s Unhinged Rantings

Trump confidante Roger Stone was sentenced Thursday in a Washington DC Court in front of controversial far left Judge Amy Berman Jackson.
Jackson sentenced Roger Stone to 3 years and 4 months in prison.
Judge Jackson also gave 24 months of supervised release per each count once the sentence is served. Roger Stone has a chance to appeal for a new trial.
The corrupt judge also kept Roger Stone’s gag order in place after his sentence was handed down. So Roger Stone was silent and didn’t take any questions from reporters following the sentencing hearing.
This is unheard of and ANOTHER violation of Roger Stone’s rights as a US citizen.
After Judge Jackson came back from a break, she told the court, “Unsurprisingly, I have a lot to say,” and she went on a crazy tirade, ripping Roger Stone to pieces, accusing him of covering up for President Trump!
Angry Jackson said people should be disgusted with Roger Stone for his actions.
Judge Jackson then attempted to cover for Hillary Clinton and punished Stone for seeking Hillary Clinton’s emails — this is not a crime.

Here is a complete transcript of yesterday’s hearing.

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